Download Liberate Health for Free and Enter to Win up to $1000!

It was nice to see so many of you in Boston at the AAPA Impact 2014 and stopping by our booth, demoing the App, and downloading it onto your iPads. You’ll find Liberate Health right in your AAPA mobile app on your iPad – all you have to do is click it and register.  You can learn more about it on the AAPA website as well.

Don’t forget that Liberate is hosting a contest between now and June 7. All new users downloading the App on their iPad for the first time will be registered to win one of three cash prizes varying from $250 to $1000. So if you haven’t downloaded the App yet, it’s worth doing so soon, not just because it’s a cool product that will hopefully help you better educate your patients, but also because you just might win yourself some easy honest cash.

As well, please continue to return here to the blog to share your thoughts about the App and how you’re using it, what you like about it and what you don’t, what you want more of (oncology decks, cardiology decks, surgery decks, vaccine schedules, post-op forms, pain management forms, whatever), and any other questions you might have about the App and its functionality. Personalize your decks and share how you’ve done so. Modify decks for your patients, tailor them to specific patient needs – delete slides if you like, add slides, upload pamphlets, surveys, whatever, and let us know how your patients are responding. Ideally, I’d like to see this blog turn into a community of PA’s openly discussing effective patient education.