#1 Issues in Healthcare Communications – The Illusion It’s Taken Place

The Liberate Health team and I spent a lot of time talking with PAs at the recent AAPA Conference in Boston about interaction with patients at point of care.  They whole-heartedly agreed with the fact that too often, patients, especially the newly diagnosed, don’t truly hear or understand the plethora of information they are provided […]

Numbers Never Lie – PAs Are Going Digital

It’s a ‘perfect storm’ – our PA ranks are growing as the need for team based care grows.  Couple this with the adoption of technology by both patients and providers, and the stage is being set for PAs, armed with the right technology, to drive better patient understanding and health outcomes.  Are you a Digital […]

AAPA Impact 2014 in Boston

I had the opportunity to spend the last few days in Boston at the Annual AAPA Conference where I enjoyed meeting many of you, learning about your practices and careers, your communities, and ongoing educational journeys, in addition to listening to your stories about how this ever-changing digital era is continually modifying the ways in […]

11 Reasons to Download and Try the Liberate Health App

As a dedicated PA-C, I am passionate about how best to provide better patient care. And I wish to collaborate with you, my peers, about how to advance our professional mission — in an on-going dialog about innovations at point of care. To start, I’d like to invite you to try out a phenomenal new digital patient education tool […]